Falling Back To Earth II

by MilkDrop

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As a follow up to their 2009 release, Kansas City Producer D/Will and Emcee MilkDrop, have allowed another fall to be created. Sharing both a musical kinship and a granite friendship the two artists set out to carry on the strength of the original album with a renewed spirit. Falling Back To Earth II, is a collection of emotions captured to paint a set of sonic visuals. Each song is, both a representation of what comes in and from those emotions and the specific time capsule marked for each moment of loss, life, struggle, and the inevitable fall that can come from sharing yourself in relationships and friendships alike. The lessons that we find most poignant are often those that we hope to pass on to those in their time of need, in giving to others, we can purge ourselves of what we once faced. The album, shared initially between the two souls of men, evolved into a piece that can be propelled into the air for all, but was given its’ place in one sound. The sound of twice....

When D and I decided to have Falling Back To Earth II be created we wanted to allow each song to both be a representation of a specific set of emotions, and also to be a time capsule of sorts for the time when those emotions were able to inspire the songs that came to fruition. The goal in each song was to try as much as possible to remove ourselves from the content of the songs in order to give the words a more universal feeling and vibe. I have always chartered my music around the basic principle of honoring the art form by carrying a certain level of honesty in what I write. I learned in letting these particular songs pour out of me that there is a way to convey a truth, or set of truths, so that the message is digestible by all those who choose to listen. I spent hours searching myself for the most adequate way to give descriptions of my loss, love, and struggles so that each listener would have the opportunity to possibly apply or pass forward pieces into their or the lives of others. Our goal wasn’t, in the end, to center on or glorify any one particular concept but to paint images that can be used in a broad spectrum of life events. This record isn’t about any one particular fall, but an offering to help those in there suffering to conquer their own negativity in a positive way. There is an appreciation you can gain for life in falling by regaining or establishing a new love of where it is you fell from….

For more on MilkDrop and D/Will please visit: believe create.org


released January 22, 2013

Produced/Engineered by: D/Will
Performed by: MilkDrop



all rights reserved
Track Name: Ayo D!
Hook Written By D/Will.
Track Name: Tell Em
Hook Written By D/Will.
Track Name: Daily Bread
Hook and D/Will's Verse Written By D/Will
Track Name: What Up Doc?
Exchange and D/Will's Verse Written By D/Will.