As The World Turns Digi 12'

by MilkDrop

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The first and only single off MilkDrop's upcoming release, "Poet At Heart The D Sides" EP is brought to you by Datura Records.

Recorded/Mixed Tyler Anderson.
Recorded At Starlight Studio Lawrence, KS.
Written By MilkDrop for MilkDrop BMI.
Produced By Osiris-1.
Artwork By Sean Minor for MinorMakesWork.


released November 8, 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: As The World Turns
I might not ever be famous what else is new,
Because with every rising of the
sun I feel my shelter lose,
Pieces of myself shelved wishing I could delve in use,
But if I’m compelled to spell truth no bells will ring firm,
My heart beats out my chest’s
spark under sleeved burns,
I ’ma dressed scar under siege running
360’s as if under me the ring’s wormed,
I ‘ma beast breathing peaceful
into ears no deceit heard,
Each piece full though adds a
glow to diseased herds,
So it’s best to pray to Priapos if you
strayed from fields,
Get caught in the fence if too dense
to contain the yield,
Because they’ll be no laymen’s terms or
footnotes for translation,
Or bland statements because this
is abstract no retraction or demand pasted,
I am brand basic you can over stand
with a stance substandard on any scanned station….

As the world turns we see it all,
As the world turns we breathe it in,
As the world turns we life,
As the world turns….

I see the reality of a critics hold,
Judgment supersedes what’s objective
when you pitch cold,
Though I never wince slow this son of
Solomon has thick bones,
So if your trigger finger lingers leave it
or fall on the quick chrome,
16 in a mag but true assassins need one shot,
Why it’s Art of War principles when my
syllables are casted on one block,
That’s hotter than a sip from the River Styx,
So don’t obey your thirst when this spittle quits,
My flesh protects the burn lifting
the flames you pit against,
I spin the phlegm ,
For those injecting gifts but sitting
with veins stretched and a sinner’s itch,
You can change the science but
it’s the viles that gives us the bitter end….

As the world turns we see it all change,
As the world turns we feel it all through pain,
As the world turns we know that life will be,
As the world turns….

I asked God for patience so he showed his hand,
Progression on hold and with all the call logs
low seemed even my folks focus clammed,
So I was left with these poems to perform
in empty rooms with open stance,
Lonely hoping to soon unload but with
only the pages to know the growth I planned,
Scribbled syllables signing my insecurities
as the time spanned off,
2 years gone and my timed span cross,
Between much needed and fears that I
might run my aligned fans off,
Feeling like even my best friends are tired of
watching my fire dim though I try to give them insight,
I’d be a liar if my eyes haven’t spied those
posed prior holding new squires on their gift line,
Because one of my closest just tried to tie
the knot and I didn’t get an invite,
That’s difficult but dealt with in this penning strand,
Though it’s hard to feel belittled and still live
in the image of the bigger man….

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